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Access a wide range of product guides below, for insight into how to use your Megger instrument for specific applications.



Subjects (2)

Impedance: it correlates to battery capacity

Internal Impedance of Batteries - What it is and Why it Works

CAT IV instrument rating


Subject (1)

CATIV instrument rating



Subject (1)

Structured Cable Certification Tests



Subjects (7)

The “ART” of earth electrode testing - Megger DET3TC with ICLAMP option

Clamp On electrode testing methods - DET4TC and DET4TCR with ICLAMP and VCLAMP

Earth leakage clamp applications

Earth leakage tests of portable appliances

Parallel Earth Paths

Stake-less earth/ground testing with DET14C and DET24C clamps

Working with Fault Monitors



Subjects (5)

5 KV and 10 KV insulation testing

DELTA4000 12 kV Insulation Diagnostic System application guide

Diagnostic insulation testing digest 5 and 10 k V

Dielectric Discharge Test

Interfacing MIT525, MIT1025 to PowerDB



Subjects (3)

Automatic derivation of R1 + R2 values

Loop Testing Techniques

MFT1700 Loop Testing Options



Subject (1)

Checking isolation of low voltage circuits

Geätetester nach DIN VDE 0701-0702


Subjects (5)

PAT testing IT equipment

Portable appliance testing

Testing 110V Appliances

Earth continuity in PAT testing

PAT testing surge protected equipment



Subjects (2)

RCD testing options

Testing appliances fitted with RCDs



Subjects (2)

TDR Basic operation

Time Domain Reflectometers - Applications



Subject (1)

TTR calibration and functionality tests

The note describes how to check the TTR calibration using the appropriate calibration box and standards, plus how to check that the different functional tests in the TTR are working.


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